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Welcome to BASEDPAD, the pioneering launchpad built directly on the Bitcoin Blockchain. Through our innovative approach, BASEDPAD is able to offer a wide-array of projects across all Bitcoin protocols, enabling us to present limitless opportunities within the Bitcoin ecosystem. Every project showcased on BASEDPAD undergoes a rigorous vetting process, guaranteeing that our users make early investments in both exceptional teams and robust code. Our user-friendly interface simplifies the investment process, allowing users to effortlessly support their favorite projects all before they hit the open market. Join us in exploring the limitless potential of the Bitcoin Blockchain and experience the ease of investing with BASEDPAD.


The $BASED Token

The $BASED token represents membership to our exclusive community of builders, innovators, investors, artists and intellectuals within the Bitcoin token protocols. With only 1000 tokens in existence, members benefit from exclusive token airdrops; NFTs; in-person events; access to guaranteed whitelisting tiers in Basepad IDOs; the Basepad Index Fund; and community governance.

Available Supply: 1,000
Mint: 100%

The $BOOST Token

At the inception of our journey, the $BOOST token emerges as the conduit to groundbreaking projects through the launchpad mechanism. The Basedpad Tiering System is a dynamic framework designed to reward your loyalty and commitment. As you stake $BOOST tokens, you'll unlock an array of exclusive benefits in the form of early access to project launches and exciting staking rewards.

Available Supply: 2.75 Trillion
Mint: 100%

How to Participate in BASEDPAD IDOs?

The Basedpad Launchpad is the first decentralized IDO platform for metaprotocols in the Bitcoin Network. To participate in IDOs, hold a $BASED token in your wallet for guaranteed whitelisting, and stake the $BOOST amount displayed in the table below at least 3 days prior to IDO dates.

Cadet None 94.5 million 1 Lottery ticket (x1)
Voyager None 126 million 5 Lottery tickets (x1)
Paladin None 1.8 billion Guaranteed (x1.2)
Commander None 2.6 billion Guaranteed (x2.4)
General 1 3.4 billion Guaranteed (x3.6)
Emperor 1 4.2 billion Guaranteed (x6.4)
Overlord 1 6 billion Guaranteed (x10)

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